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Panasonic ES-2081 Foam Epilator Beauty Care Wet/Dry

MYR 92.00

Weight: 500grams

Model: ES-2081

Brand: Panasonic


Panasonic Foam Epilator ES-2081 Beauty Care Wet / Dry



* For Underarms & Bikini Lines

* Wet / Dry Epilator

* Skin Protector

* Battery Operated ( 2 x AAA size )

Product Description

Silky and smooth skin always gives you a sense of completeness and confidence. Panasonic by introducing Epilator ES-2081 offers you a better opportunity to acquire that confidence and completeness.

The pride every skin desire for is not far from you now as Panasonic World’s First Wet and Dry Epilator is within your range. After having extraordinary experience of cleanliness and perfection with it you’ll soon wonder how you managed without Panasonic’s Epilator ES-2081. 

Perfect solution for all unwanted hairs 

This speedy and easy to use epilator proves its efficiency by strong performance and by giving less pain. So whether you’re a novice or a pro, Panasonic’s ES-2081 has everything you need for quick and gentle hair removal at your convenience. 

Panasonin Epilator ES-2081 for all unwanted hair

Plucking and Shaving Effect

Hair is removed at the root for smooth, silky skin that lasts a long time.
Quick and easy, shaving has its drawbacks that the cross sections of shaved hairs can remain visible as black dots on the skin.


Newly Developed Skin Protector

It care for a woman’s delicate skin with it’s newly developed Skin Protector which holds skin tight as hairs are swiftly removed at the roots. This soft skin guard feature suppress excessive pulling up of skin so that only hair is pulled which in turn reducing pain and helping skin to maintain its moisture level.

Skin Protector

How it cares your skin
  • Easier on skin because it holds skin down as it extracts the hair from the root
  • Gentler because tweezing disc do not come in contact with skin.
  • Minute side-to-side sliding of head provides effective hair removal by causing short and flat-lying hairs to stand erect.
Skin Protector


Brand New In Box,100% Genuine, 12 months warranty by Panasonic Malaysia